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 * LPC subroutine declarations
#define LPC_FILTORDER         10

typedef struct {
      unsigned short period;
      unsigned char gain;
      char k[LPC_FILTORDER];
      char pad;
} lpcparams_t;

 * we can't use 'sizeof(lpcparams_t)' because some compilers
 * add random padding so define size of record that goes over net.
#define LPCRECSIZE 14

typedef struct {
      double Oldper, OldG, Oldk[LPC_FILTORDER + 1], bp[LPC_FILTORDER + 1];
      int pitchctr;
} lpcstate_t;

void lpc_init(lpcstate_t* state);
void lpc_analyze(const unsigned char *buf, lpcparams_t *params);
void lpc_synthesize(unsigned char *buf, lpcparams_t *params, lpcstate_t* state);

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