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LBNL audio conferencing tool over the internet.
The LBNL audio tool, vat, is a real-time, multi-party, multimedia
application for audio conferencing over the Internet. Vat is based on
the Draft Internet Standard Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)
developed by the IETF Audio/Video Transport working group. RTP is an
application-level protocol implemented entirely within vat -- you need
no special system enhancements to run RTP. Although vat can be run
point-to-point using standard unicast IP addresses, it is primarily
intended as a multi-party conferencing application. To make use of the
conferencing capabilities, your system must support IP Multicast, and
ideally, your network should be connected to the IP Multicast Backbone
Vat provides only the audio portion of a multimedia conference; video,
whiteboard, and session control tools are implemented as separate
applications. Our video tool is called vic and our whiteboard tool wb,
UCL developed the session directory tool sdr Other related
applications include ISI's Multimedia Conference Control, mmcc, the
Xerox PARC Network Video tool, nv and the INRIA Video-conferencing
System, ivs.
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